Tristan Pilat

Hello all! My name is Tristan and I currently work for Evolix, a hosting and outsourcing company, as a system and network architect.

I hold a BTS IG ARLE (two-year post A-level course) Specialization ARLE (Director of Local Business Networks), an ATC Licence (BSc equivalent) in Technical Communication Option Design and Realization of Online Service and a Master’s Degree in Instrumentation Specialization Telecommunication and Network Systems.

I have been interested in IT for a number of years now, particularly Unix systems (mainly Debian and OpenBSD) and the Open Source world in general. I have also done some web development, but nothing too recent.

In my spare time I like to hike, run and paraglide. I also took pictures for a while.

Below I have set out my skills (both in Network and System) and my employment history to show you what knowledge and experiences that I have.


I started to build on my Network and System knowledge whilst studying for my BTS. This gave me the insight and skills required for the job of system and network administrator and the opportunity to discover the Open Source world.

I did some training graphic tools and web design, as I wanted to be recognized as competent in this area. I enrolled onto ‘ATC’, a professional licence, before considering the end of my studies.

As a result of all my training I developed a strong passion for web design technics, and more specifically network and UNIX/Linux systems.

Eager to find a job as a system and network architect, I studied for a Master’s Degree in Instrumentation Specialisation of Telecommunication and Network Systems.

Thanks for looking…



Develop and propose WAN/LAN solutions. Install, configure, secure and manage a network.

Implement a variety of services, including :

  • Routing (OSPF / BGP)
  • Fault tolerance (CARP / VRRP)
  • Load balancing (Haproxy / Relayd)
  • Vlan and VRF
  • Domain Name System (Bind, unbound, NSD)
  • Firewalling (Iptables / PF)
  • VPN IPSEC or SSL (Level 2/3) (Isakmpd / OpenIKED / OpenVPN)


Implement, configure and maintain several system services like the followings :

  • Mail server with Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus (Postfix / OpenSMTPd / Dovecot / spamd / dkimproxy )
  • File server Windows (Samba), Mac (Netatalk) and UNIX (NFS)
  • DB server (MySQL/Mariadb with replication / PostgreSQL)
  • HTTP server (Apache / Nginx / httpd / PHP-FPM)
  • Cache server (Memcached / Varnish)
  • Virtualization (KVM libvirt / VWware)
  • Supervision server (Cacti / Nagios)

Programming languages

Shell, Python, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, PHP, Jquery, LaTex




Advanced level with BSD (mainly OpenBSD) and GNU/Linux, Intermediate with OS X

Cisco CCNA4 certified


2014 to Present - Network and System Architect - Evolix
- Design and implement highly available architectures
- Responsible for the network management (BGP, IGP, Firewalling, Failover)
- Server installation according to customers needs
- Incident resolution
- Technical support

2014 - Intern - Evolix
- Study on distributed network attacks and the appropriate solutions in terms of detection and mitigation
- Server installation according to customers needs
- Incident resolution
- Technical support

2010 - Web Developer - Campagne création graphique
- Development of

2013 - Intern - Pôle des microtechniques
- Quality audit of the IT System and implementation of a set of practices for IT service management (ITIL)
- Incident resolution

2011 - Intern - Campagne création graphique
- Development of websites

2010 - Intern - SICEP
- Samba server migration [SCRIBE V1 to V2 (PDC)]
- Implementation of a new IPv4 Addressing Scheme at Le Castel upon the transition to Clonys 4 (new RENATER network)

2009 - Intern - EOLE
- Implementation of a captive portal
- Configuration of an authentication mechanism (802.1x) on a wireless network


You can contact me by e-mail at .

For PGP users, my fingerprint is 'FE11 0252 5EE4 76BB DBFC 9208 0AB2 6C10 1697 9351'. You can get my public key below.